Hadrians Wall Highlights

The Hadrian’s Wall Path is known for its excellent walking, but what about the history and heritage? If you are interested to dive into the history of the wall these are the Hadian’s Wall Highlights you need to visit. 


Housteads is the Hadrian Wall’s more dramatic preserved Roman forts. From the dramatic escarpment of the fort, you can see the Northumberland National Park in the distance. Furthermore the Fort takes you back to the Roman Empire.  Perhaps enjoy strolling through the barracks and hospital.  Then check out the ancient loos, and enjoy the interactive on site museum.

Lanercost Priory

Lanercost Priory is a beautiful historic build, yet the Augustinian Lanercost Priory was not always trouble-free. You may be interested to know that it’s close proximity to the Hadrian’s Wall meant it endured frequent attacks during the Anglo-Scottish wars. Furthermore it was also a resting place for the sick King Edward in 1306-7. Still, there is much to see from the 13th-century church still standing strong.

Sycamore Gap

The Sycamore which fills Sycamore Gap was designated as England’s Tree of the Year n 2016 by the Woodland Trust. It was also a feature in the movie ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ which starred Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman, and Morgan Freeman. Furthermore the Gap, makes for an ideal photo location, and a great stop. Interestingly it also escaped damage in 2003 when a helicopter carrying well-known TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh crashed a few meters away. 

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Birdoswald Roman Fort really deserved some time spend within its confines. It’s the last significant remain you will come across towards the end of the walk (East to West). The highlights include wonderfully preserved defences. Moreover Birdoswald fort is the only site on the Wall at which a significant occupation in the Post-Roman period is proven. It’s one of the best-preserved forts along the Wall.

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