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Hey Hikers! We are really excited to share this 12 day walking, 13 nights accommodation article with you for the Hadrian’s Wall Path. This is a great itinerary if you are wanting to break up the hard miles between Twice Brewed and Carlisle into 3 days of walking.

Here is the schedule, you can use the buttons to quickly take you down to a particular day to make booking quick and easy.

Arrive in Newcastle for your first night's stay​

Day 1: Walk from Newcastle to Newburn - 11.5 miles

Day 2: Walk from Newburn to East Wallhouses - 9.5 miles

Day 3: Walk from East Wallhouses to Chollerford - 8.5 miles

Day 4: Walk from Chollerford to Twice Brewed - 11.5 miles

Day 5: Walk from Twice Brewed to Gilsland - 8 miles

Day 6: Walk from Gilsland to Walton - 8 miles

Day 7: Walk from Walton to Carlisle - 11.5 miles

Day 8: Walk from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway - 14.5 miles

Travel from Bowness-on-Solway

Notice the slightly longer miles, with easier days in the middle. Take note though, this is not a ‘casual’ itinerary, and will far better suit seasoned walkers.

Enjoy booking your trail!


Please note, some of the accommodation options below include an affiliate link. If you book through these links BookMyTrail will receive a small percentage of the total price. This allows us to keep producing excellent resources to help you book your trail. Thanks, Matthew.


Arrive in St Bees for your first night's stay

When staying in Newcastle you have a few options. Either find a hotel chain in the city centre, or book a hotel in one of the suburbs. I recommend the latter, as there are some excellent coastal Suburbs with great accommodation options.

Seacote Hotel

Rooms from £60.00 per night

An ideal stop for your first night along the Coast to Coast path. 

Moorclose Bed and Breakfast

Rooms from £55.00 per night

A little set back from the village, but a comfortable an friendly start to your Coast to Coast Walk.

Walk from St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge - 14 miles

Bank House Farm

Rooms from £83.00 per night

Simple and quiet accommodation located on the route. 

Thorntrees B&B

Rooms from £??.?? per night

Conveniently located accommodation with excellent views and comfortable accommodation

Walk from Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite - 14.5 miles

The Scafell Hotel

Rooms from £170.00 per night

A piece of luxury while walking your long distance route along the Coast to Coast. 

Walk from Rosthwaite to Patterdale - 14.5 miles

Old Water View

Rooms from £64.00 per night

Treat yourself to a stay in the excellent George Hotel, nestled in a beautiful river front location and only a short distance from the Hadrian’s Wall Path.

The Brotherswater Inn

Rooms from £80.00 per night

Set back from the the trail a little, but still within walking distance. Clean, spacous accommodation perfectly suited to hikers. 

Walk from Patterdale to Shap - 16 miles

New Ing Lodge

Rooms from £80.00 per night

Perfectly located in the middle of the trail. Warm fires and excellent hospitality await.

Walk from Twice Brewed to Gilsland - 8 miles

Gilsland Hall Hotel

Rooms from £64.00 per night

Boutique accommodation set back from the trail.

The Hollies on the Wall

Rooms from £84.00 per night

Comfortable hiker friendly accommodation on the trail

Walk from Gilsland to Walton - 8 miles

Low Rigg Farm B&B

Rooms from £40.00 per night

Charming accommodation based on a working dairy farm.

Old Vicarage Brewery

Rooms from £60.00 per night

An excellent overnight stop, combining a B&B stay, and a brewery. 

Walk from Walton to Carlisle - 11.5 miles

Rosalind House

Rooms from £60.00 per night

Excelent city center accommodation at a great price. Ideal for a rest stop in Carlisle. 

Abberley House

Rooms from £50.00 per night

First choice for BookMyTrail hikers. Comfortable hiker friendly accommodation!

Walk from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway - 14.5 miles

Shore Gate House B&B

Rooms from £80.00 per night

A modern comfortable and very friendly end to your walk.

We hope you found the accommodation options above helpful, and have managed to successfully book your trail. If not, don’t worry, we offer a handy booking service which you can access by hitting the link below. If you have any more questions related to the Hadrian’s Wall Path, we have you covered in the articles below. Browse at your own pace, and should you have any specific questions feel free to jump onto live chat, or search our database of articles:

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