Yorkshire Wold's Way - Walking Holiday

The Yorkshire Wold's Way

Creative commons image taken by Keith Laverack

Discover the Yorkshire Wold's Way

The Yorkshire Wolds Way is a well waymarked and maintained National Trail cutting through the Yorkshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The journey takes you through mostly agricultural land, both crop and livestock, and some woodland. You will experience some beautiful hamlets. The Yorkshire Wold’s Way benefits from being a quieter walking route but is well serviced with luggage transfer and welcoming accommodation along each stop.

Hessle to Filey

77 miles

7 nights available

Breakfast included

Luggage transfer included (x1 20kg bag)

Highlights of the Yorkshire Wold's Way

Enjoyable steady walking

The Yorkshire Wolds Way takes you through farms, hamlets, quaint villages and curious towns.

Cozy charming accommodation

We only work with hand-picked accommodations along this route so to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible each night.

Flora and Fauna

IF you visit in the spring you will be welcomed with meadows of wildflowers and woodland floors carpeted in bluebells. Keep your eye in the sky for Red Kites.

Local food and drink

There are ample options for enjoying local food and drink along the Yorkshire Wold's Way in many of the local Inns and Restaurants along the way.

Map of the Yorkshire Wold's Way

Trip Planning Service

We are proud to offer a unique trip planning, and booking service which has seen many clients enjoy various long distance footpaths in England and Wales for a reasonable price, backed up with a great service. 

Our trip planning service covers everything you need to enjoy your long distance walk, including booking accommodations, luggage transfers, making payments on your behalf, and communicating with suppliers. 

Once we have done our work, and paid for your accommodations we hand the reigns back to you, so you may simply enjoy your hike along your chosen long distance trail!



How it works

1. Complete the contact form by clicking the button below this section. 

2. We will get back to you within 24 hours to start assist in planning your walking break

3. If your happy with our proposed itinerary we will collect some more details and take a deposit 

4. Once we have made your arrangements, usually within 2-4 weeks, we will send an itinerary back to you via email.

5. If your happy with the details, we celebrate, then send over an invoice for the total cost of accommodations and luggage transfers.

6. You simply need to pay that invoice, so we can forward the payment onto your accommodations. Simple!

7. All the work has been completed. All you need to do is enjoy your walk.

How much does it cost?

We charge a simple cost of £20.00 per night booked. Our service generally caters to solo walkers, but we are happy to work with small groups of walkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

About BookMyTrail

Bookmytrail is a small family run independant trip planning service for walking holidays. We love what we do, and hope this comes across when you contact us. 

We run an online-only business with remote staff, a lean approach to business and we don’t deliver the excessive itinerary packs other companies send out. These things combined allow us to offer the exceptional service you deserve, while removing single supplement fees for our solo walkers.

We work exclusively with solo walkers. Larger groups are often better off going through bigger agents who are best able to accommodate your request. 

About our suppliers

We are happy to work with our luggage transfer providers to have your bags moved as part of your arrangements along your selected route. 

We aim to have all accommodation arrangements emailed to you no later than 3 weeks after you make your booking with us. This should give you ample time to ask us any questions you may have about your arrangements. 

We try our best to make arrangements with accommodations close to the route. However if there are no accommodations (or good quality accommodations) on the route we will make arrangements further afield. 

As above, you may need to be transferred sometimes. Remote stops, or lack of availability is often the cause of transfers. Where transfers are necessary, we will leave you with details to contact either a local driver, or the accommodation provider. Transfers are not included within the cost of your booking. 

We don’t specify bed types on our itineraries. Please assume you will be getting a single bed, however many accommodations will end up offering you a double or twin room. 

About your booking

Short notice bookings will have access to limited availability. This is particularly evident in the peak seasons of May – September. Some accommodations may also request two night bookings during the peak season, or weekends. In these instances you may be placed in an accommodation for two nights with a transfer. This will be detailed in your itinerary.

We try our best to find a good balance of accommodations which are both close to the trail and of a great quality. Where this is not possible, we would rather transfer you than use a bad accommodation. Where a transfer is necessary, due to limited or no accommodation options our itineraries will have a ‘(T)’ next to that overnight stop.

Due to the requirement to have reservations confirmed and reserved prior to the start of your walk you will not be able to make changes to your booking while you walk.

"Accommodations ranged from "very good" to "superlative"-- several were really special experiences. Compared to other companies serving the path I walked"
"Matt did a great job in finding the right tours/distances by suggesting B&B along the trail. He booked (and prepaid) our accommodation in B&Bs and hotels. All B&Bs were neat and cosy, easy to find and nicely located."
"All I had to do was turn up on the day and start walking, all the B&Bs Matt chose were excellent"
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