Northumberland COast Path

April - October

62 Miles



discover the Northumberland COast Path

The route is generally fairly level and straightforward under foot with no nasty surprises or long steep days. Expect a few hills here and there, but nothing that most cant manage. Walking surfaces are good with some muddy or sandy sections during the walk. There’s ample opportunities to leave the path and walk along the vast stretches of beach should you choose to do so.


trip details

The Northumberland Coast Path is very much an overlooked walking experience. As the furthest coastal trail in the North of England it seldom receives the traffic of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and naturally due to the colder climate is not so appealing as the South West Coast Path.

These downsides make it, in my opinion the perfect opportunity for a rather excellent coastal walking holiday in my opinion. Undisturbed excellent walking await, as you journey through the Northumberland Coast AONB, through sandy beaches, rocky coves, and simply awe-inspiring castles. Top this off with the quaint coastal villages and you have a landscape which never stays still, available for your walking pleasure.

Our itineraries

Travel: Walk from Home to Warkworth – 0 miles
Day 1: Walk from Warkworth to Creswell (Transfer) – 10.5 miles
Day 2: Walk from Creswell (Transfer) to Craster – 13 miles
Day 3: Walk from Craster to Seahouses – 9.6 miles
Day 4: Walk from Seahouses to Belford – 10.5 miles
Day 5: Walk from Belford to Fenhamhill – 7.5 miles
Day 6: Walk from Fenhamhill to Berwick-upon-Tweed – 11 miles
Travel: Walk from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Home – 0 miles

Your accommodation

BookMyTrail works hard to pick the best accommodation we can find along a route. We tend to repeatedly book up with three or four accommodations (where possible) in each overnight stop listed on an itinerary. The Accommodations listed below should give you a taste for where you may be staying and the type of accommodation BookMyTrail uses. 


The Olde School House

Your Accommodation in Seahouses

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Old Rectory

Your Accommodation in Craster

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Alannah House

Your Accommodation in Berwick-upon-Tweed

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Warkworth Old post office

Your Accommodation in Warkworth

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our booking service

BookMyTrail offers a novel alternative to fixed price bookings. As a trip planning company we make arrangements on your behalf at Bed & Breakfasts, and where required with our 3rd party luggage transfer providers. 

For the benefit of this service we charge a simple upfront fee of £15.00 per night booked for the booking of single rooms, and £25.00 for the booking of double or twin rooms.

All arrangements are made in your name, and we don’t stop there. Once the arrangements have been made we will even help move your money to those accommodations who require upfront payment through a simple invoice you pay to us, which we then forward onto each supplier. 

Its that simple!

Single Room

A single room, or single occupancy in a double or twin room
£ 15
Per Night Booked
  • Accommodations booked
  • Luggage booked
  • Help moving money
  • Itinerary

Double/Twin Rom

A double or twin room for two people
£ 25
Per Night Booked
  • Accommodations booked
  • Luggage booked
  • Help moving money
  • Itinerary

the details

What's Included

✓ Accommodation with breakfast each day

✓ Luggage transfer costs

✓ Itinerary upon  completed booking

✓ Pre-Trip Support

What's Not Included

Evening meals

Packed lunches

Maps and Guidebooks

On Trip Support 

Flights and transport

Weather and times

Weather in England can be quick to change. We recommend planning for the worst (rain) and enjoying the best, which we often get during the summer. That means waterproofs are essential, and a bit of spirit in the event you do get rained on. That being said, much of the summer is rain free, and it can even get very hot, so please pack sunscreen.

Recommended Guidebooks

We recommend the excellent Hadrian’s Wall Path Cicerone Guidebook and the Harvey Strip Map.

Trip Information

The Northumberland Coast Path can be enjoyed between the months of March and the end of October. This window is due to the luggage companies who run along the length of the wall. 

To make a booking please click the Reservation Request button below. You will be taken to a new page where you can fill in a form, and we can begin to turn your plans into a reality. Alternatively, if you know what you want, and you are ready to go, feel free to checkout using one of the booking buttons under each itinerary. 

In making your booking we arrange a lot of rooms and often at busy periods of the year. Because availability is not a sure thing until a booking is fully confirmed, we work in the following way.

1. After securing a £50.00 deposit we will start to book rooms under your name

2. Once we have finished we will send you a completed itinerary, and if you are happy with the details, send the remainder of your invoice. If you are not happy with the arrangements, we will do what we can to help. If we cannot help, and make the arrangements you are fully content with we will refund your deposit amount. 

Solo Walkers and small groups

At BookMyTrail we pride ourselves on being the no.1 company for solo walkers and small groups. We offer the best rates possible for solo walkers, and small groups because we are an internet based company, with remote workers, and no hefty rental fees to pay on office spaces. This keeps our costs down while allowing us to offer you a great service. 


All of our routes are generally well waymarked, however we do ask that our customers are comfortable with basic map reading. If you need a refresher, please download this excellent guide from OS.


We work exclsively with independant B&B’s, Inns and Hotels. We also book some hostels where none of the above is available, or at your request. Each of our B&B’s are individually checked. We do this using a number of methods. Where possible, we will visit. However we rely more on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook reviews which give a great indication to the quality of an accommodation. 

Where possible accommodations are close to the trail. However this is not always an option, and we would rather book a good accommodation away from the route, over a bad accommodation on the route. 

Where accommodation has been booked away from your route, we will be sure to let you know, and give you the details to arrange a transfer if necessary. If the accommodation provider is helping with the transfer they will be expecting a call to arrange a pickup. If not, we will give you the number of a local cab, or bus details. 


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