Trailblazing our own path

We are not afraid to be a little different from the crowd, that’s what makes us unique. In fact, we are not really a travel agent or a tour operator, but a travel planning and consulting company.

Our job is to consult with you on the best options for your walking break, then assist you in making your arrangements, in your name. To this end, we charge upfront for our services, with your accommodation and luggage transfer fees payable after your reservations have been made. And the good part? We don’t take a commission or markup on booked accommodations or luggage fees as you have already paid our booking fee. So the price we bill you is the same price you would have got if you booked yourself. Neat!


Per single or single occupancy room booked, per night



Per shared twin or double room booked, per night

That’s all it costs for us to arrange your holiday. Accommodations and luggage charged separately and after booking completed. Includes:Approved accommodations called for availability and booked

Luggage arranged if required

Booked accommodations confirmed by email

Itinerary created and emailed directly to you

Final cost invoiced to you

Your money forwarded to each B&B and luggage provider securely on your behalf

Payment confirmations sent to each B&B

We provide an efficient service which quite simply books a walking holiday tailored to you.

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