Walking Holidays for Solo Travellers

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Walking Holidays for Solo Travelers

I’m a total introvert through and through, and the idea of spending a week with a pack of strangers, feeling the need to mingle, and introduce myself 15 times over makes me shiver with disgust. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I love people, and spending time with them, but meeting a large group of unacquainted strangers should be left to two events: New jobs, and weddings. 

And certainly not my holiday.

This is why I prefer to walk and travel alone, or with a close knit group of friends/relatives at best. 

Walking Holidays for solo travelers can be hard to come by. 

Some companies, such as Flashpack, offer a fantastic selection of tours for singles between 30-50 or thereabouts, however as standard, you will be sharing rooms with other ‘Flashpackers’, unless you pay a supplement for an extra room type.

Just You travel are the experts in solo travel. Again, much like with Flashpack, single supplements are not chargeable on their tours, unless you wish to upgrade to a different room type.

For the rest of the walking holiday companies, of adventure companies which offer walking tours, you will find almost all of them will charge a single supplement. 

Heres the problem

The issue with single supplements is that travel pricing, where the need to offer the best ‘from’ price is based on double or twin rooms.

Think about it this way, when you see a ‘from’ price per person, thats the cost of a double room, halfed, with any other additons added to the overall price.

However if you wish to book alone, tour companies, who have already prices their products around two people, then must make an adjustment to your price, otherwise they would only break even of loose money. 

You can blame the Thomas Cook for this way of pricing tours. 

We do have a solution...

If you are on the hunt for a solo walking tour, we may have a solution which works for you. 

BookMyTrail provided walking holidays for small groups of travelers, and overwhelmingly solo walkers. 

We have priced our tours slightly differently, and in a way which we feel is fair.

We calculate the average room price for a particular area, add on the daily luggage transfer fees, then add on any other fees, such as staff costs and tour materials. We then add 30% onto the total price, which is our ‘margin’.

This fair way of pricing your tour keeps costs low, while keeping the quality to the expected level. 

There are no shared rooms, and certainly no groups of walkers. We only book just for you, on your very own self-guided solo walking holiday. 

I hope our little guide, and overview on walking holidays for solo travelers has been helpful. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] 

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