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Tracey and Aggies epic hike around the UK Coastline

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I’m always in awe of indviduals who pack up their lives, throw caution to the wind and take on epic trips. Epic is a word thrown around a lot – used when a group of teenagers push a willing victim down a hill in a shopping trolley while simultaiously streaming it on IG live, or when somebody has their first cold water expeinece. But Tracy’s walk I feel deserves the label of Epic, with all that it embodies. 

Here we have a woman, who has a wonderful story, of elation and joy, heartache, downs, and ups, but ultimately she has opted to share that story, while raising money for Mind, and walking around the coast of Blighty. 


I’ve not met Tracy in person, and our communication has only been on Facebook messenger, so i don’t want to illude you to the idea that I know her well. That being said, from everything I have seen on her page, I felt compelled to reach out and ask questions about her story and journey.

I sincerely hope that this article helps to promote the work she is doing and to reach a few more people. 

A link to donate to Mind UK, is available on the big button below. Please select Gift Aid if you are a UK Tax Payer. You can also follow her on social media here.  

Ok, lets find out more about Tracy and her incredible walk around the UK!

Why are you taking on this challenge?

I was working for the RSPCA in a job I loved but lost because of Covid. My yearly trip to see my 8 grandkids in the USA was also cancelled due to Covid and decided after doing hikes and wild camps with my partner of 7 yrs that I wanted to be alone and do it alone, especially after 20 years in the USA, dreaming of the English Countryside.

Did you need to fundraise before the challenge?

I used my redundancy payment, which is almost gone. I’m fundraising for the mind as my late mum had mental health issues and also raising money for myself so I can carry on with this journey.

Did you manage to get a lot of what you need via charitable donations, gifts etc?

So far friends family and kind individuals off my blog have offered COVID safe places for me to sleep, wash clothes, shower, recharge battery packs etc.

What has been the most memorable act of kindness you discovered on the trip?

The human kindness of others has been amazing. For example, a lady names Carolyn who lost her fisherman brother to the sea many years ago offered me a cabin, help washing my clothes and gave me food etc. We became great friends.

What has been the most memorable act of kindness you discovered on the trip?

The human kindness of others has been amazing. For example, a lady names Carolyn who lost her fisherman brother to the sea many years ago offered me a cabin, help washing my clothes and gave me food etc. We became great friends.

Which bits have felt very overwhelming and scary?

I broke my ankle at Westward Ho and had to use my poles as crutches to hobble 4.5 miles away from the cliff. That night, sleeping in the tent I felt very vulnerable, until the following morning, where I was able to get help.
I learned I’m tougher than I thought.

Message to prepare yourself, get the right kit and always tell someone where you are, stay safe have a back up plan get advice from others who have done it

What was your best nights sleep on the trail?

My best nights sleep mostly when I’ve walked all day and had a hot meal before curling up

What was your worst nights sleep on the trail?

The worst night’s sleep was when I broke my ankle as I couldn’t pitch in a good spot and couldn’t run if I needed to.

Whats the plan for after you have finished the walk?

After walk, I plan to write a book, on my life and this adventure to help others who want to hike wild camp and enjoy the outdoors.

Why raise money for Mind?

I’m raising money for Mind as I believe many would benefit being outdoors for the betterment of their mental health.

Quickfire questions!

1. Best camping food

I love tuna corn and pasta

2. Best view on the route

Any in my opinion it’s all beautiful in different ways.

3. Best section of the path

All sections are special in different ways. I loved St Ives Bay to Godrevy Lighthouse.

4. Worst section of the path

13 miles of boulder climbing Pendine lighthouse to St Ives.

5. Hilly or flat terrain

Flat paths, I don’t like hanging onto cliff edges

6. Beach of Forest hiking?

I love both beach and forest but the beach is my favorite. However, forests are good to sleep in as I feel trees protect and I feel safe and sheltered under big trees.

7. Walking boots or shoes?

Walking boots – Lightweight Goretex ones. 

8. Walking poles or not?

Waking poles yesssss defffo!

9. Tea or Coffee

Coffee gingerbread latte or pumpkin spice or nightime herbal tea hot chocolate if needing comforting.

Can you tell us about the kit you use?

I use an Alpkit stove, titanium cup and cookpot n spork. My camping mat is a Thermarest, and my sleeping bag is a Vango Viper 1000. My tent is a  Big Agnes
2020 Copper Spur.

Do you have any other tips?

I use 2 Anker Chargers to recharge devices totally once a week and sneak them into cafes, pubs I stop at asking the way and plug my phone in.

Spoons are the cheapest place to stop for a hot meal. Or I grab a Gregs baggette. Tuna is my favorite. If you see a church most have a water tap outside and I feel safe to sleep in the grassy area of a churchyard if need be 

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  1. I have been following Traceys walks for a while now and I love Reading her poems. They are as Tracey sees and feels as she travels on her epic journey. Her book will be an amazing read when she finishes her coastal walk. Stay safe and embrace your wild side Tracey.

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