Incredible Female Outdoor Bloggers to Follow in 2020.

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Whether you’re traveling around the UK or further afield, there’s always plenty of outdoor spaces to explore. Revisiting the same place can provide completely different experiences depending on the weather, and it can be fascinating to see the changes throughout the seasons.

However, it’s always helpful to have a bit of inspiration, and what better than fellow female outdoor bloggers? You’ll find lots of women sharing their experiences in online blogs, and these are a great place to find inspiration – and the motivation to try something new!

With so many to choose, it can be difficult to know where to start reading so we’ve narrowed it down to the top 20 outdoor bloggers who you should follow in 2018.

The Girl Outdoors

If you want to read about some real adventures, The Girl Outdoors is a great place to start. Sian Anna Lewis tackles everything from wild camping to mountaineering, with practical tips along the way. There are both domestic and global suggestions so whatever your budget is, you’ll be able to have a go for yourself.

Lady on a Rock

If you want to read about some real adventures, The Girl Outdoors is a great place to start. Sian Anna Lewis tackles everything from wild camping to mountaineering, with practical tips along the way. There are both domestic and global suggestions so whatever your budget is, you’ll be able to have a go for yourself.

Mountains With Megan

Mountains With Megan, of course run by Megan, who is an outdoor enthusiast, long distance hiker, and wilderness professional. She has walked the Appalachian Trail and explored multiple countries on foot. 

Wild and Words

Having a focus while you’re outdoors can be a wonderful way to motivate yourself and in Wild and Words, Athena shares her love of photography and walking. Very much a global adventurer, Athena shares her experiences from around the world accompanied by some stunning pictures which will leave you with an itch to travel.

Phoebe Smith

If you’ve ever fancied reading about sleeping in weird and wonderful places, Phoebe Smith is your girl. Working as a travel editor by day, in her spare time she devotes every moment to finding remote places to explore and sleep in. Strangely compelling, this blog will leave you wondering what it’s like to wake up solo on a mountain summit….


Outdoorista belongs to Anna Paxton, and it’s a blog that’s dedicated to championing women who are role models for the outdoors. A keen fell and trail runner herself, Anna is an expert on her local Peak District. She has also travelled to various other parts of the world, such as Yosemite to experience urban adventures in new places.

Fiona Outdoors

Never one to be able to sit still for long, Fiona Russell set up her blog, Fiona Outdoors, to capture her various outdoors adventures. Passionate about Scotland, Fiona runs, walks, cycles and wild camps in various spots around the country which gives her blog a varied and fresh feel.

Ness Knight

A true explorer, Ness Knight likes to journey to new places, discover different cultures and immerse herself in extreme environments. Also working as a motivational speaker, she believes that “ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things”. Conservation and natural sciences are also passions, and these themes are woven seamlessly into the blog.

Adventure She

Adventure She is the brainchild of Jane Harries and is an online magazine which takes readers to all four corners of the world on a variety of sports and endeavors. A celebration of the spirit of adventure, this blog sets out to empower all women by sharing their true stories and experiences.

Outdoor Women’s Alliance

Founded by Gina Begin, the Outdoor Women’s Alliance is a non-profit making organization that aims to support and inspire women worldwide. The OWA offer a vast number of different programs which are designed to promote, engage and recognize women who are in adventure sports, lead an outdoor lifestyle or have athletic ability.

Kitiara Pascoe

Kitiara Pascoe is a journalist with adventure in her soul, and she’s on a quest to challenge herself. Sailing around the Atlantic for 17,000 miles changed her outlook on life and she writes to share her experiences and to inspire other women to reach for what they might think is impossible.

Splodz Blogz

Zoe is one of the champions of the One Hour Outside movement, a campaign that encourages everyone to spend an hour outside everyday even if that’s just running errands. On a personal level, Zoe loves nothing better than being outside and in Splodz Blogz she shares life-affirming experiences and images from home and around the world.

Hiking Lady

Created by Carol Roberts, Hiking Lady is the one-stop shop for expert advice, information and inspiration about backpacking and hiking. A comprehensive site with an endless number of features to explore, this blog makes hiking appealing to everyone.

Zo Outdoors

Zoe describes her site as an online diary where she documents all of her outdoor escapades. With a mixture of low-key and more epic adventures, the blog is a great source of inspiration for anyone who’s considering spending some time outside.

Two Blondes Walking

Lucy Atkins and Fi Darby are the inspiration for Two Blondes Walking, an online blog where they capture their outdoor activities. Although primarily focussed on walking, particularly around Dartmoor, there’s also wild swimming and some other activities included for additional inspiration.

Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Bor is the founder of Bearfoot Theory, but she’s got a team of likeminded women alongside her. Their guiding principle is that you don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to explore and discover the world outside, and you don’t need a limitless budget either. Aimed at the everyday enthusiast, this blog encourages you to take outdoor activities to the limit that suits you.

Tee Corley

Tee Corley is the force behind the motivational blog GoGetSome. An accomplished thru-hiker of the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, she continues to find serenity in the woods as a backpacker and rock climber. She believes every woman has the strength to benefit from outdoor adventures.

Enjoy Exploring

The above 20 bloggers all share a love of the outdoor world and enjoy exploring it in a variety of different ways. While it’s important to make sure you take sensible precautions, there’s an unbridled joy in striking out to see what joys the natural world holds. Why not get inspiration from one of the above and set off on an exploration of your own

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