There are a lot of businesses offering Hadrian’s Path Walking Tours which is unsurprising given the popularity of this iconic walk. 84 miles of excellent and varied walking along a UNESCO World Heritage site lends itself to walking tours and customer demand. Tours of the wall vary from business to business, with some offering self-guided routes, and others offer guided walking holidays. Here I will focus on self-guided tour operators.

Let’s dive into some of the options:

Contour’s Walking Holidays

Contour’s Walking Holidays was founded in 1996 and boasts the largest offering of UK based self-guided walking tours. Within that offering, they sell Hadrian’s Wall self-guided walking tours to customers from around the world. Contours provide excellent personally visited accommodation options in 3-4 star mid-priced accommodations, along with maps, guidebooks and discounts for repeat customers.

They are a safe pair of hands for first-time walkers looking for an established business to help book up a walking holiday.

Book with Contours because – They have the best supplier relationships

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Macs Adventure

Macs Adventure is a well know and trusted provider of self-guided walking and cycling holidays in the UK and beyond. They have a few offices dotted around the world but are based in Glasgow. Macs Adventures Hadrians Wall offering is similar to Contours in both price and materials.

Again, like Contours Macs are a safe pair of hands for customers looking for a reliable company to book up a walking tour.

Book with Macs Adventure because – They have the best customer service

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Hill Walk Tours

Hill Walk Tours are a relatively new tour operator based in Ireland. They originally started offering walking breaks in Ireland and are slowly branching out from there. They now sell tours in Scotland and England too, and include the Hadrian’s Wall Path in this offering.

Hill Walk Tours have excellent feedback, and like Contours and Macs Adventure benefit from having a full team of individuals behind the scenes making the magic happen.

Book with Hill Walk Tours because – They visit all of their accommodations

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