Book your own walking holiday with our Hadrian's Wall Interactive Map

After a few years of putting together Hadrian’s Wall Path Itineraries, I thought it was time to share a list of my accommodations with you. Below is a Google Map, featuring accommodation which I frequently book for my clients. This tried and tested accommodation is of a great standard, and will certainly enhance your walking experience. I hope you find the BookMyTrail Hadrian’s Wall Interactive Map helpful.

I currently don’t deal with campsites, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like me to add campsites to the interactive map if there are any you know of. I will do my best to accommodate if I get enough interest in providing this service.

To use the map, please simply scroll in and click on the house icons to view details on each accommodation. It’s really quite simple!

Book your own walking holiday everyone want’s to use a tour operator to book a walking holiday and you shouldn’t feel like that’s the only option. With so many booking tools available its pretty simple to do it yourself. 

What I have however noticed is that a lot of the online tools require you to build an itinerary yourself, when in reality I suspect you may not have time to do.

To that end, I’ve put together three Hadrian’s Wall Itineraries which you can book online (via yourself! Click below to check the itineraries out. You can use these along side the Hadrian’s Wall Interactive Map.

You can also download the Hadrian’s Wall Path GPX file here on GPS Routes

The daily milage is also listed, along with a few choices of BookMyTrail approved accommodation for each night.

Hadrian's Wall Path Interactive Map

Below is our Hadrian’s Wall Interactive Map, with a detailed list of accommodations including websites and telephone numbers. If you would like to use this map to create your own booking I suggest making a copy of it onto your Google account, then deleting the accommodations you don’t want.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Need some help?

If you feel like you need some help, and would like somebody to book your Hadrian’s Wall Walk, perhaps check out our list of Top Hadrian’s Wall Tours, or visit our own trail booking service.

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