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The Inn At the Bush is a charming, newly refurbished Pub and Bed and Breakfast, conveniently located with good access to Bowness-on-Solway and Carlisle Alike.

The accommodation is not located on the trail, but don’t let this stop you from booking a few nights in their luxuriously furnished en-suite rooms. Why? Well, because by booking here you will be collected from the trail in Colins orange Hackney Carriage (London Taxi)!

You will be picked up by this super shuttle, from Bowness-on-Solway at the end of your walk. You will be transported to the Pub for dinner, with a drop off at Carlisle Station the following morning, after breakfast.

There are four comfortable en suite rooms with TV , wifi, and tea/coffee making facilities. The rooms are above a lively bar which usually closes by 11.30pm. The restaurant food is simple, high quality, and inexpensive with a great selection of drinks. Naturally, the staff will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is excellent.

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Local Area

We are in a very rural location very close to the Solway Estuary (occasionally too close for comfort) and a short trip to the end of the Roman Wall. Kirkbride has a private airfield which was used during World War II and is used to day for private planes and microlights. Trips over the Solway or Lake District can be arranged. The area is a place of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has great birdwatching facilities at nearby Campfield Marsh.


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About the Owners

I suppose it could be said that initially I was a reluctant landlord as I bought the Bush as an investment but due to the tenant leaving I was forced to become one and must say that I have become to enjoy my job. I went back to school and passed all of the Hygiene, Food Preparation and Licensing exams and enjoyed them so much that we created a rule that no-one works here unless they have studied and passed the food hygiene certificates. The best thing that happened was that my brother Keith rang when he knew that the tenant had left and said ” is there anything I can do to help”. He’s been here almost every day and his engineering skills have helped tremendously. I also have some great staff with friendly personalities who all try their best to please. My job is easy now, I drive the “retired” taxi shuttling guests to and from the station and Roman Wall. The taxi runs are free by the way. We had 19 different nationalities visiting us in 2019 and looked forward to more in 2020 but the Coronavirus outbreak put paid to that. The lockdown time has been spent working to create sheltered areas at the rear of the property and we look forward to opening on July 4th.