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Gear guide for long distance hikers

Outdoorsy people can be hard to shop for. By our very nature we tend to have a fair bit of gear which covers us for most needs, but honestly, we always like a bit more. So here are some gifts, for all budgets to suit the outdoorsy friend, or family member this Christmas. 

Field Notes National Park Series

You may already know about the popular ‘Field Notes’ American outdoor inspired stationary brand. 

In addition to their classic Field Notes original Kraft notebook, you can now buy the colorful Field Notes National Park notebooks featuring packs of 3 notebooks, each with 3 different National Parks printed on the front. Some packs contain US National Parks, while others contain National Parks from around the world. 

Perfect for journaling, sketching, taking Fields Notes, or planning your next hike along a long distance path. 

You can pick up the Field Notes National Park Series from Wildbounds for £10.50.

Voited Soul Slipper

Give the gift of a decent slipper this year with the Voited Soul Slipper. 

Whether your huddled up in a shelter during a snowstorm, hut to hutting in the alps, or simply pottering around the house on a Sunday. The Voited Soul Slipper is a great companion to the kit list of the adventurer in your life. 

You can pick up the Voited Soul Slipper from Wildbounds for £45.00.

Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth

Fed up of hearing how your friends beat up old flask makes the water taste great despite having a mouldy cap, and several large dents on the side?

Treat them to a Hydroflask. With a 32oz / 1L capacity, grab handle, double wall build, and temperature control. Your friends water will still be cool after a warm day on the hill. After all, who wants a sun-heated drink when its 30C outside?

You can pick up a Hydroflask from Wildbounds for £99.00.

Kelly Kettle

Honestly, don’t buy one of these for somebody who loves lightweight backpacking. Kelly Kettles are not lightweight kit, but they are fantastic, low-maintenance pieces of kit. 

The Kelly Kettle is heated up through the use of whatever you can find around you that will burn. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, anything goes. 

Fill the hole, light it up, and watch your water boil away. 

It’s a great piece of kit for taking on picnics, to the beach, or for even using in the shed.

You can pick up a Kelly Kettle from Wildbounds for £99.00.

Nanopresso Barista Kit

We ALL have a friend who loves coffee, and swears that they can tell the difference between a Columbian bean and an Argentinian bean. 

That friends may also have a popular Nanopresso coffee machine, or similar compatible device. 

Well there’s good news. Those handy little coffee pods can now be used on the go with a Nanopresso Barista Kit. This neat little coffee press can go with you anywhere and deliver shots of coffee to fuel your next adventure. Cool eh? 

You can buy the Nanopresso from Wildbounds for £27.00.

Mystery Ranch Hip Monkey Bumbag

The Mystery Ranch backpack brand make these excellent bumbags – ideal companions for lightweight adventures, or expanding your existing backpack setup. They are also great to wear with baby slings when you don’t have the option to carry a normal backpack.

I really like hipbags/bumbags for the simple reason that they sit well on your hips, and force you to carry what you need for easier walks, or walks in the spring/summer months. 

You can buy the Hip Monkey from Wildbounds for £49.90

Biolite Camp Stove

If you want something a little more sophisticated, then the Biolite Camp Stove is an excellent camping stove, which again uses whatever you have at hand, from the Daily Mail (sorry!) to twigs, leaves, pinecones etc. 

Its lighter than the Kelly Kettle, making it suitable for international travel, and it features a built in battery pack which is charged by the thermal energy, which in turn can charge your devices – handy!

You can pick up the Biolite Stove from Wildbounds for £220.00.

VSSL First Aid Mini

First aid kits are not a sexy piece of kit to carry around. However don’t you feel like a bit of a hero if you are the one with a first aid kit (and skills to boot) while out on the hill?

In the event of an emergency pull out this VSSL first aid kid, complete with everything you need to perform minor first aid while on the hill. 

You can buy the VSSL First Aid Mini from Wildbounds for £74.00.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Dumji Sweater

Please, can we all agree that there are two presents that you should never gift to somebody? Christmas Jumpers and Gift Cards. 

Why give somebody a present that they can only use on the day you give it to them, with a whole year of waiting before they can wear it again.

Instead, give the gift of a wool jumper from Sherpa Adventure Gear to see your loved one through the cold post-Christmas season ahead. 

You can buy the Dumji Sweater from Wildbounds for £75.00.

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