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Going plastic free is tough. It really is, especially when your busy with either your career, family, or whatever it is which keeps you consumed throughout the day. Convenient foods, wrapped in plastic are just too easy to grap from the shelf – the contents are quickly consumed, and the plastic thrown away to lie somewhere on this earth to never really decompose.

Plastic is perhaps mankinds most important invention. It paved the way to cheap manufactring of almost everything we use today. It’s durable (if made well), keeps food fresh, can be formed intothe most complex of shapes, with the tiniest of detail. However its vast use has come at an immense cost. Microplastics are found in almost all bodies of water throught the globe, and even in our freshly filtered bottled water, which is also served inĀ  plastic.

I want you to wrap your head around something.

You buy a bottle of Buxton Mineral Water. It’s a hot day, you consume your bottle of water in a few minutes and throw it into the nearest bin. You feel refreshed and revitalised. Great!

Your bottle however, at the expense of your 2 minute drink will now take the next 1000 years to break down. IF your lcky it will be in direct sunlight an will break down sooner, but it will probably be buried in a landfill and forgotten until its disapeared. However the run off from that decomposing bottle will continue to enter the waterways, and leach into the soil.

ANd the scariest part is this. We have no idea what the long term exposure to Microlpastic and plastic related toxins is going to do to us.

So that 99p bottle of water, which gave you a quick fix wasn’t really worth it. ANd should you be lucky enogh to find a public recycling bin, your bottle will be turned into something else, which will only be thrown away again.

Awful shame, but this is the reality we live in. The problem is massive, and it needs us all to work extremely hard to do our bit to eradicate plastic, put pressure on retailers and manufacturers to make and lead the change. Meanwhile we need to simply act in order to be a part of the change on he ground.

So how can you help?

Although I am not into replacing all of my plastic tupperwear with metal, simply because I see little point in chucking plastic which I could just use for a long time. However I have been curious about metal lunch boxes.

I remember the Tiffin boxes while traveling in India. They were wonderful re-usable steel containers designed for delivering amazing currys to workplaces. To my delight Elephant Box, a UK based company, who manufactuers their boxes in India, had brought the idea of a tiffin box to the UK.

I reached out to see if i could trial one, with my main interest being in the idea of using one while on the hill to hold sandwiches and the rest of my lunch. I wanted a durable, solution which could keep my food fresh which doesn;t weigh too much.

A few days later I received my Elephant Box and large twist canister in the post. The product was beautifully branded, and looked amazing, with the clean polished steel also serving as a great portable mirror – Seriously, if ever you are traveling and need a shave, take this as your food container, and use it as a mirror too!

Now I must admid, and also apologize to the team at Elephant Box. I moved house since receiving the box and have not been able to get around to enjoying a walk on the hill, where I intended to test this product out. But finally, today I managed to escape to the Peak District.

I packed up a sandwich in the main box, some fruit in the canister, and put it together in my bag.

The product fit well in my 27 rucksack, and eventually, around lunch time i took it out.

Now honestly, there was something really special about eating your lunch out of a proper lunch box while on the hill. Usually my sandwiches are chucked in to the top zip compartmet of my bag with keys and phone, wrapped in clingfilm. By the time I get to them, the clingfilm has caused the food inside to soak out, and you end up with a miserable sandwich. Instead I had a wonderful feast, well presented in a beautiful box to endulge in.

The verdict? If your out for a new lunchbox and want to avoid the cheap plastic options available in most supermarkets, which only last a year or two, visit Elephant Box.


They offer a range of boxes and canisters, but also metal water bottles, and even bees wax wraps (a great alternative to foil or clingfilm).