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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose a walking holiday with BookMyTrail?

We benefit from being a young (still in Startup mode), enthusiastic but extremely knowledgeable business. We take great pride in our business, delivering high customer service and an end product.

Do you handle dog friendly holidays?

We would love to, but honestly there are businesses who do a much better job of this than ourselves. Also, we are not dog owners ourselves and do not understand the needs of your dogs like other businesses. Email us if you need any help and we will readily refer you.

How do I make payment?

Upon receiving your booking form via our secure portal we will send over an invoice for the value owed for your walk. You can pay instalments. 

How late can I book?

We are able to take bookings with as little as a months notice, however in some instances we may not be able to complete the booking without the use of transfers to and from the trail from B&Bs situated a little away from the route.