Our Service

" I'm working hard to build the type of business I want: An ethical venture which excites and inspires both customers and staff through the product, service and brands we put out into the world "
Matthew Usherwood
Owner of BookMyTrail

From booking to walking

Thats the part we play

Our role within your walking holiday is fairly straight forward, at least in our eyes. Our brief is this: We need to find you good quality rooms to rest in. You know what we mean, a warm welcome when you arrive, perhaps a fire to enjoy in the lounge, and certainly a comfortable bed. Not forgetting a hearty breakfast, great coffee and a wave as you leave for your next day on the hills. 

If we can be a part of delivering that each night for the duration of your walk then we have done well. 


And that’s really what we do – planning, and in the process helping to provide you with a fantastic hiking experience. 



Suppliers at the core

There are two things which we value over anything else. Suppliers and Customers. 

Our underpinning belief is that we would not have a business if our suppliers were not so accommodating to us and our guests. It’s truly a delight to work with so many extrodinary Inn Keepers and Bed and Breakfast hosts around the United Kingdom, learning about their highs and lows. 

Keep rocking guys, our customers love you and so do we.

Honest Business

We feel its important that in 2019 business is ethical and honest. To that end, we try to be as transparent as possible with each of our customers. 

Moreover, we believe in working with local independent suppliers and not over charging you, while pushing their prices down. 

Instead we run a low impact internet based business, with remote workers, and lean practices, allowing us to keep the price down just a little.