A new breed of outdoor enthusiast

I remember when being into the great outdoors was just not cool. If you liked hiking and rambling it was assumed you were probably a member of the Ramblers Association (nothing wrong with being a member of the Ramblers I would … Read More

What is a baselayer?

Baselayers, the boring bit of your outdoor wardrobe, wicking, merino wool, tight fitting, breathable, layering, blah blah blah. Why not just wear a t-shirt? Perhaps a cheap baselayer from Target (or similar retailer) will do? What’s the difference between Merino … Read More

Customer Case Study – Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Susanne back in January 2018 – an excited email which clearly detailed her plans, dates, and budget (the perfect starting point!). I emailed within a few days, as I always try … Read More

Walking Hadrian’s Wall in 4 days

You have completed the 3 Peaks and perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge. Maybe you only have a little bit of time to spare, and 4 days is all you can dedicate to your goal of walking the Wall. … Read More

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Suggested Itinerary – 6 Days and 7 Nights.

By far the most popular way to walk a long distance trail is by camping, or lodging the night prior to your first days walking, and also the night at the end. Giving yourself permission to settle, check your maps, … Read More

Customer Review – The Thames Path

The review below was very kindly written for me by Thea, who recently walked the Thames Path, booked by BookMyTrail. Thea actually contacted me last year and walked the South Down’s Way in glorious weather in April. She was one … Read More

Top hiking packs for female backpackers and long distance walkers

The participation of women in hiking is growing by the day. I can vouch for that from a professional point of view, where over 70% of my customers are female, and when a couple books the lead booker is usually … Read More

Wanders for Women: A Day in The Lake District

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” As a solo female traveller, I’ve wandered and … Read More

Walking the South West Coastal Path with kids

Spectacular scenery, and some challenging climbs, walking South West Coast can be tough but is well worth the effort. It’s a crisp clear morning in March. I’m standing with my wife Charlie on the sea front at Minehead beneath the … Read More

How to keep kids entertained while hiking

Walking is a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and here at BookMyTrail we believe it’s something the whole family can enjoy together. It’s free, it can be completely spontaneous and it’s a fantastic opportunity to get your children … Read More