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The Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian’s Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall path is a 135km long National Trail that follows the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the best-preserved Roman frontier in the world. You’ll get the chance to explore 2000 years of history across the border between Scotland and England, … Read More

2020 Long Distance Hiking Kitlist

The Ultimate 2020 Solo Walking Holiday Long Distance Hiking Kitlist What is the Ultimate Hiking Kit list for your solo walking holiday?  Good question, and sorry for the clickbait. Let’s get right into it. For me, the ultimate hiking kit … Read More

Solo Walking Holiday of the Week – The Northumberland Coast Path

Solo Walking Holiday of the Week – The Northumberland Coast Path The Solo Walking Holiday of the week series has been written to put a spotlight on some of the lesser walked long distance trails throughout the UK. Our hope … Read More

The Best Adventure Festivals in the United Kingdom

The Best Adventure Festivals in the UK Outdoor festivals.. Ahhh, fresh air, great atmosphere, inspirational talks, gentle music, outdoor activities to boot, plus loads of opportunities to meet like-minded adventerous individuals just like you and me. It’s no wonder festivals … Read More

What to wear while Long Distance Hiking.

I’ve worked within the outdoor garment industry on the front-line of customer service for about 6 years now. 6 Years! Wow, that does feel like a long time. I’ve also managed outdoor kit for two outdoor activity companies. It’s safe … Read More

Multicultural awareness and involvement in nature

Multicultural awareness in nature Black Girls Hike Global, is an outdoor adventure company, created to engage with women of colour, encouraging them to explore the great outdoors. Only this year, Tinelle Louis and Jessica Newton, also known as Tin and … Read More

What is Thru Hiking

What is Thru Hiking? The official definition of a Thru-Hike is a long-distance trail, spanning thousands of kilometers in distance, completed over the course of 12 months. However simply walking a Thru-Hike, whether walked in one year or over the … Read More

10 Inspiring Hiking Quotes, plus Images to Pin!

Enjoy our hand-picked selection of hiking qoutes from a range of pioneers in opening up spaces and raising awareness of the natural world, from Ellen MacArthur, a successful solo long-distance yachtswoman to Alfred Wainwright, who pioneered many routes in the … Read More

The best time to walk Hadrian’s Wall Path

The ‘walking season’ runs between March and October, however that offers a pretty broad window of walking, apart from 4 months of the year, deemed too miserable to enjoying this long-distance path. Let’s start with when, if you can help … Read More

Money Saving Tips for your Long Distance Hike!

Enjoy your walking holiday without blowing your budget. Although some parts of Rural Britain can be expensive theres often no need to spend your savings enjoying a long-distance hike. With a bit of forward planning, preparation, and some insider knowledge … Read More

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