Our story...

When I was 18, I discovered climbing. That was my opening to the joys of getting outdoors, having adventures, and the people who share a love for outdoor activities. My love for climbing faded, as my enjoyment of hiking, backpacking and longer adventurers grew. I was exposed to expeditions through my work, and later experienced walking and  cycling holidays, and the wonderful long distance trails in the UK. 

As I dived more into the wonderful world of long distance walking, I noticed a huge gap of information available for individuals, like you, who love long distance walking. What I noticed was this. While there are a lot of websites offering to book your walking holiday, there are not any sites which provide you with the tools you need to easily book your own walks. 

I knew there was a better way, and decided to launch Book My Trail as a resource to help you plan, and book your walking holiday in the United Kingdom.