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We are a small business

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to visit BookMyTrail.com. I’m Matthew (that’s me above) and we will hopefully get to know one another quite well during your time here, especially if you choose to book.

I started BookMyTrail out of a love of wild places, and a desire to build a business for myself – a lifelong investment and a place and project for me to immerse myself within.

I noticed while working within the Travel industry that solo walkers were hugely under-catered for and decided to do something about it. BookMyTrail was born.

I’m proud to offer the only service within the walking holiday tour niche which caters for solo walkers by offering a competitive price against similar businesses.

BookMyTrail is a small business, run around a young family, and a full time job. I frequently work with my little boy Noah, who tries to help me write emails, and our new born baby Gabriel, who right now sleeps and poops a lot.

If you have any questions which the website does not answer please don’t hesitate to contact me either by visiting the contact us form, or by scheduling a call.

Thanks again for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Matthew Usherwood

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