Our Story

We love to introduce our customers to great trails

Enjoying the outdoors is natural to us. As a family owned and operated small business, we appreciate all the time we can get out and about in nature.

We love the British countryside. It’s temperamental weather, rolling hills, sweeping cliffs, and mountains that are impressive, but not beyond reach. 

Its a pleasure to introduce customers from overseas to our countryside and to help our UK customers get out on the trails they love. 

We started in 2015 with an idea

I worked in the adventure travel industry prior to starting BookMyTrail and saw a need for a business which provides both good value, and does good in the process. 

I built, and continue to build BookMyTrail with the these to principles in mind – provide good value to my customers, while doing good through my business. 

Family Owned Micro Business

BookMyTrail is currently lovingly run by myself, Matthew, the founder, and my partner Afrah.

Together we do everything, but we do choose to oursource some of the work to a few select freelancers.

Our Suppliers are everything

Without the incredible B&B’s we work with, we would not have a business. It’s our suppliers, from local taxi companies, baggage transfer business, and of course our wonderful accommodation which make running BookMyTrail possible. 

Great Value.

We pride ourselves on being great value. We believe that you should be able to have an excellent walking experience, with your bookings taken care of for a reasonable price. 

We stand by that.

Meet The Founder

Matthew Usherwood

Matthew lives and breathes the outdoor ‘life’ through and through, and delights in being able to run a business following his passion, while now introducing his two boys to his world. Matthew graduated university with a degree in Countryside management, before working for a few small tourism business and finally finding his way into the outdoor apparel industry. From there he started his family, and decided to also start a business.

When not dreaming of hiking, or actually going hiking, Matthew loves playing with his boys, going on bike rides, watching action movies, playing games, eating pizza, and skateboarding.