The Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian’s Wall

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The Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian’s Wall

The Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian’s Wall

The Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian's Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall path is a 135km long National Trail. The Trail follows the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the best-preserved Roman frontier in the world. In this short article we will look at the Best Time of Year to Walk Hadrian’s Wall Path.

You’ll get the chance to explore 2000 years of history across the border between Scotland and England. Along the way you will enjoy Roman castles, turrets and forts. All while taking in the breathtaking scenery, blustery heights, deep green valleys and even modern busy cities. 

But, when is the best time of year to walk Hadrian’s Wall Path? 

We generally recommend walking the path between April and June, and in September and October. 

At these times of the year, the weather is generally mild, with limited risk of very hot or wet days. 

During these months the ground is more likely to be dry and walking conditions are safe. Moreover any risk of erosion and damage to the underlying archaeology is reduced considerably.

Over these periods, accommodation along the Hadrian’s Wall Path is open, bus services and other transport links are running regularly, and access is good. 

Avoiding busy school holidays in August also means that there are less likely to be large crowds, or sold-out hotels and inns.

Whenever you decide to walk Hadrian’s wall trail, note that weather is sure to be unpredictable, and plan for the worst. 

Find out more, and book your trip at BookMyTrail, or contact us today to talk about your options.

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