Trail of the Week – The Northumberland Coast Path

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The Northumberland Coast Path is a relatively steady-going long-distance walk stretching 62 miles from Cresswell in the south to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north.

Unlike other coastal routes in the UK the Northumberland Coast path, albeit undeservingly gets a fraction of the traffic and therefore is an ideal route for walkers who enjoy a bit of quiet.

However, its quite nature, albeit with busy tourist hotspots lends itself to a particularly relaxing walking experience along an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

What makes it special?

In short, the long beaches and castles. This really is an ideal walk for the type of long-distance walker who prefers coastal routes and has a particular enjoyment for history.

Attractive coastal villages are also dotted along the coastline and blend into the consistantly changing landscape which is there for you to explore.

Where can I stay?

As expected, accommodation is available in limited quantity at different stages, but it is possible to stay in Alnwick and enjoy the route from this central location using public transport.

Is it easy to navigate?

It certainly is, the route is waymarked for its entire length, and more or less runs along the coastline. If the sea is on your right your probably on the correct path. Maps and guidebooks are of course available, but its likely that you will just need a guidebook for the route.

Other considerations

As with any long-distance path, it’s situated in the countryside. Mobile reception is patchy at best, and non-existent at best. Some stretches of beach are tital, and the Northern climate can be harsh, especially in Spring or Autumn. Pack warm clothing which will keep you dry.

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