Hadrian’s Wall Path Baggage Transfer Comparison

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There’s a lot of destinations for hikers to enjoy in the UK. We are perhaps a little overwhelmed with choice when it comes to long distance routes. With the surge of popularity in long distance walking as an alternative to a usual holiday comes a plethora of different services which cater for the needs of hikers. One such service is baggage companies which are like having your kit carried by a donkey. However unlike a donkey, your luggage travels by car, much faster, and doesn’t mean a poor over worked animal is left to suffer for another day. This article will focus on Hadrians Wall Path Baggage Transfer.

The Hadrian’s Wall Path is one of the better serviced trails, although almost all popular, or moderately popular trails have at least 1-2 luggage transfer companies running on them.

The good news? You have options, where a few years back you only had one. The bad news, you probably need to compare prices.

Fortunately I’ve done the hard work for you. Think of this article as the ‘Compare the Market’ of Hadrians Wall Path Baggage Transfer, bringing you the breakdown of rates and available companies.

Here’s the list:

Brigantes Luggage Transfer and Holidays

The Damage – £9.00 per day

How much you can carry – 17kg

Visit the website to book

Hadrians Haul

The Damage – £7.00 per day

How much you can carry – 20kg

Visit the website to book


Sherpa Van – £8.50 per day – 20kg

The Damage – £8.50 per day

How much you can carry – 20kg

Visit the website to book


Hadrian’s Bags

The Damage – £6.00 per day

How much you can carry – 20kg

Visit the website to book

Hadrians Wall Path Baggage Transfer Prices quoted above are based on their own individual terms and conditions. Please note that the companies this list have been added based on the information on their websites. We do our best to keep price information up to date but each of these companies should be contacted to obtain a quote based on their current prices.

Did you know, BookMyTrail can make your accommodation and luggage arrangements on your behalf for £15.00 per night for a single room booked, or £25.00 for a double or twin room booking.

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