The Yorkshire Wolds Way Walking Holiday

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No matter whether you are a keen hiker or you are looking for a fun, new experience, a walking holiday is well worth considering. A Yorkshire Wolds Way walking holiday will give you the ability to see some of the most stunning views while also getting fitter, ensuring you come back from your holiday feeling refreshed and revitalized. After all, isn’t this what a break is all about? Yorkshire Wolds Way walking trail has been described as “arguably Britain’s least well-known national walking trail” by Paul Rose on a BBC television documentary. This is part of the appeal! With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at the eight-night Yorkshire Wolds Way itinerary we have available.

Yorkshire Wolds Way Holiday – 7 Day 8 Night itinerary

Start Travel to Hessle where your first night’s accommodation has been booked

Hessle is a small town, which is situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This is where the walking tour begins. Your first night’s accommodation is booked here. Of course, we will have accommodation booked throughout the trip, as well as lots of hidden treasures too, like vineyards, so there will be plenty of excitement along the way.

Day 1 Hessle to South Cave(T). 13 miles (21km)

The first part of the Yorkshire Wolds Way walking holiday begins with taking a walk from Hessle to South Cave. This walk involves passing through the awe-inspiring engineering of the Humber Bridge. You will also pass through Welton, which is a charming village whereby Dick Turpin was arrested at the Green Dargon Inn.

Day 2 South Cave(T) to Market Weighton. 12 miles (19km)

The next part of the walking tour will take you from South Cave to Market Weighton. Here, you are going to be truly amongst nature. You will head towards Comber Dale, and then the path will continue, along country roads, until you get to Swin Dale. You can expect beautiful green landscapes for miles and miles. There are lots of beautiful villages along the way until you get to Market Weighton. When you get to Market Weighton, you will see a lot of different references to the Yorkshire Giant, William Bradley, who was born here in 1787.

Day 3 Market Weighton to Millington. 8 miles (13km)

On Day 3, we’ll go a little bit easier, with an eight-mile walk. You will set out from Market Weighton and you will quickly enter the most attractive and impressive landscapes surrounding the Londesborough Park. this route will talk you above the Warren Dale, finishing at the higher ground of Willington. You will be able to see expansive and wide views across Millington. On a clear day, you can expect to see the White Horse of Kilburn and York Minster.

Day 4 Millington to Thixendale. 12.5 miles (20km)

This part of the walk will include a few steep, yet short climbs up the sides of the dry valleys beyond Millington. After this, you will have a gradual climb whereby if the weather is good you will be able to see lots of major attractions, from Lincoln Cathedral to Humber Bridges. You will the continue beyond Huggate, before dropping into the dry valleys of Holm Dale and Horse Dale. After this, you will gradually make your way to Fridaythorpe in order to reach the dale of Thixendale. This is one of the most popular and adored villages of the entire tour.

Day 5 Thixendale to West Heslerton. 15.5 miles (25km)

Day five will involve making your way to West Heslerton, which is a small village that has become the site of one of the biggest archaeological excavations in British history.

Day 6 West Heslerton to Ganton. 8 miles (13km)

The final stages of the Yorkshire Wolds Way walking holiday is largely spent at height. This is because you will be following the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds Way escarpment from West Heslerton to Filey. This is split across two days. You will finish up in Ganton, which is a civil parish and village that appears in Domesday Brook. The most notable landmark in Ganton is the Ganton Golf Club. In 1949, it hosted the Ryder Cup. Since then, it has also hosted the Walker Cup and The Amateur Championship three times.

Day 7 Ganton to Filey. 11.5 miles (18.5km)

You will complete the tour by heading to Filey. Filey is a beautiful village on the coast. The natural cliffs are breath-taking and the beach here is expansive. It used to be a fishing village, but now it is deemed a tourist area. There are lots of great attractions and places to enjoy in Filey. This includes the award-winning Filey Museum, as well as Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park.  

Finish Depart from Filey after breakfast

Sadly, this is the end of the tour! Once we reach Filey, you will have seen some of the most beautiful parts of Yorkshire, as well as walking a massive 80.5 miles! If that doesn’t deserve a big breakfast, what does?

So there you have it: a brief overview of the Yorkshire Wolds Way walking holiday we have available. If you would like to witness one of the most beautiful parts of the UK by foot, please do not hesitate to get in touch today to book your holiday or simply if you have any queries. This is a walking holiday that can be enjoyed by almost all abilities. It is a gentle and subtle route, with no serious hills along the way.

Good to know

Did you know you can have your bags moved along the Yorkshire Wolds Way?

Trail Magic Baggage is just one of the services which helps you to walk unburdened by your bags along this route. Luggage transfer is a popular way for walkers to enjoy long distance walking in the UK. You simply leave your bags at your accommodation, and your baggage handler will pick it up and move it to the next destination.

Photo Credit: Paul Moon

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