Booking a 7 Night, 6 Day Hadrians Wall Itinerary on

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You read the title correctly. I’m recommending you make your 7 Night, 6 Day Hadrian’s Wall Path booking on

As a disclamer, affiliate links are included within this accommodation guide.

I want to make it easy for you to make arrangements along your chosen long distance footpath. With a range of tools at your disposal its super easy to book a walking holiday from the comfort of your own home and with a few hours of work., along with Expedia, AirBnB and many more simplify this process for you.

I don’t want to pretend they don’t exist, because they certainly do and is a fantastic tool which even I use on occasion.

So onto the route. The Hadrians Wall Itinerary over 7 Night’s is up there with the most popular itineraries which I book for my clients.

Here is a short breakdown of the itinerary:

Travel: Travel from Home to Newcastle
Day 1: Walk from Newcastle to Heddon-on-the-Wall – 15 miles
Day 2: Walk from Heddon-on-the-Wall to Chollerford – 15 miles
Day 3: Walk from Chollerford to Once Brewed – 13 miles
Day 4: Walk from Once Brewed to Lanercost – 13.5 miles
Day 5: Walk from Lanercost to Carlisle – 13.5 miles
Day 6: Walk from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway – 15 miles
Travel: Travel from Bowness-on-Solway to Home

Ok so lets get into where to book.

1st Night. Staying in Newcastle

The Cumberland Arms

The Cumberland arms is a relatively new addition to my regular list of accommodations after I cut a Bed and Breakfast loose last year who to say the least was dishonest. For a big city, it’s hard to find independent accommodation options but the Cumberland arms ticks the box.

Click here to visit the page

2nd Night. Staying in Heddon on the Wall

Hadrian’s Barn

Quaint, unassuming, yet charming in a way you would expect from a Bed and Breakfast. Hadrian’s Barn is also wonderfully walker friendly and only a couple of miles from Heddon on the Wall.

Click here to visit the page

3rd Night. Staying in Chollerford

The George Hotel

For a full-service hotel experience, complete with a swimming pool look no further than the George Hotel. They happily accept walkers, and in all honesty, after a long day walking in the summer I would jump at the opportunity to dive into the pool

Click here to visit the page

4th Night. Staying in Once Brewed

The Bowes Hotel

Honestly never used them. I always book my clients at the Excellent Twice Brewed Inn. However they are in close proximity of the route, and can be booked on

Click here to visit the page

5th Night. Staying in Lanercost

Abbey Farm Guest House

The Abbey Farm Guest House is a little on the pricier side, but it’s worth the money for the level of service, and quality of this period property.

Click here to visit the page

6th Night. Staying in Carlisle

Abberley House

I use Abberley House for nearly every booking. They have a good amount of rooms, offer a friendly service and are well catered to look after hikers tacking the Hadrian’s Wall Path due to their location.

Click here to visit the page

7th Night. Staying in Carlisle

Midtown Farm B&B

Bowness on Solway is a lacking in accommodations at the moment, but I sometimes use Midtown Farm B&B to accommodate a pick up and drop off to the end of the route. A well managed, friendly bed and breakfast overlooking the Solway.

Click here to visit the page

I hope this has helped. And don’t forget, all accommodations booked through will be subject to their own payment terms and methods. 

If you do book using this list let me know how you get on in the comments below. 

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