Please don’t fly.

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Please just stay at home. Seriously, stay at home, don’t get on that plane, with your around the world ticket, or even cross-Atlantic ticket to see Europe (or to see the states), meanwhile worrying about environmentalism and preaching how we are all doomed.

Stay at home.

It’s really simple and I’m going go down this rabbit hole for a moment.

Flying is awful for our planet. Yet we laud it as a way to escape the rat race and pioneer forward into the great unknown, or perhaps Bali. How wonderful it is that we can pay no more than £900 to get a return ticket to anywhere in the world. What a privilege this is, and an opportunity not to be missed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on my share of long-haul flights, and also short haul. I also have the ‘travel bug’. However, I would argue this ‘bug’ is deep rooted insecurity for many people who are simply unable to look inward to find themselves, and instead look externally, hoping the sunsets of Santorini will do the job.

However, that’s a grumble for another day. My argument is this. Why the heck would you rush to fly away to another country once a year when you have so much interest in your own country. I expect most people, including myself, have barely scratched the surface of their own homeland. Start there please, for the sake of your planet. If then you run out of land to explore then jump on your long-haul flight.

Travel is a wonderful opportunity, but our obsession with flying is hurting the planet. For those of us in the UK, and Europe we have so much we can explore simply by driving or public transport.

So again, for the love of all things natural, please think about whether you need to take that long-haul flight.

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