How to plan your walking holiday with Trvl

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In this easily digestible series of articles, I will share with you simple, and free travel tools you can use to make your own arrangements along long distance walks within the UK. I’ve personally used these tools before and found them to be useful in some capacity, and I hope you do too. So let’s get to our first travel tool:


Yep, was not available when the creators of Trvl started up this cool little travel planning tool.

I’ll admit for using it a few times to make bookings, as it earned me some extra commission on these bookings. When I say extra, I mean £7.00 in my bank account for a £90.00 room! Not bad, especially when you want to save some money on your trip planning.

I no longer use Trvl simply because I like to handle reservations direct with my accommodations, rather than be two steps removed from the process (I’m a middle man, booking through an agent, who is using a middleman to make the eventual booking with the accommodation). My clients pay me to make good work, and for me, booking with Trvl isn’t serving my clients well.

That being said, if you are booking your own walking holiday, and want to reduce costs the Trvl is an awesome tool.

So lets quickly dive into how Trvl works.

Upon signing up to a new account, you will be presented with a simple and clean dashboard where you can search an overnight town, and the duration of your stay.

Upon entering your destination, and dates, hit ‘Search’ and a list of available accommodations will be populated. This list also includes the booking website which your reservation will be made with. and Expedia tend to feature heavily, with a few reservations.

Once in the booking page, you can see photos, descriptions and available room information, and most significantly, the commission your able to earn from each booking. Proceeding to checkout to reserve the room and make payment. Upon payment, you will receive an email from, Expedia or, depending on where the room was held. Your reservation from hereon will be held with that supplier, and you will be able to contact the accommodation using their independent platform. Your commission, however, will accrue within Trvl.

Now I would like to point out something important. Although this tool is great in allowing you to quickly book, make some extra money and to keep everything in one place, it does take away from the accommodations you’re staying with.

Many B&B’s are small independent businesses, lovingly run by dedicated owners who probably deserve that £5.00 commission in delivering the excellent service they provide. Try to use Trvl for big hotel chains, and book directly with the independent accommodation providers.

Hopefully, this has been helpful! See you next time.

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