Here are 10 reasons why you need to try a self guided walking holiday

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Enjoying a self guided walking holiday is one of the fastest growing trends in modern travel. Group trips appeal when you want to meet others, be immersed in an experience with strangers, who soon become friends. However for others, the idea of traveling at your own pace is far more appealing. Moreover, having a tour operator make your arrangements gives the peace of mind required to enjoy your trip.

Thinking of moving away from organized group trips and towards a self-guided walking holiday? Here are x reasons why you should.

1. No more over-excited guides

Nobody likes a hyper tour guide jumping in your face while being called ‘guys’ for a whole week. Let’s face it, you never know if you’re going to like your guide before you depart. It’s a bit like a blind date, and your guide is responsible for the pace of the tour, the activities, and local suggestions. You are not always going to enjoy their decisions or energy. That’s ok. However, a self-guided tour eliminates this problem, as you are the guide.

2. Self guided walking holidays are on easy to follow routes

Trekking through Vietnam without a guide, and with maps made in the 1930s is never a good idea. You will probably get lost and loose that peace of mind which comes with a self-guided tour. However, hiking in the UK is very safe. Roads are never too far away, and a lot of issues can be overcome with a phone call to your tour provider, B&B or worst case, emergency services (for injury).

3. You travel at your pace

The beauty of self-guided tours is that you can go at your pace. That means; you can start and stop walking when and where you want. See a nice tree to relax under in the heat of the day. Go for it. Oh look, a delightful café selling marvelous looking cake and dammmnn the coffee smells nice. Stop, take a break and fill yourself up. Had enough walking for one day and want to get a taxi? No pressure, it’s your holiday, not yours and 10 others.

4. It’s cheaper

When you go on a guided holiday you’re paying for two people, yourself, and a portion of your guides arrangements, including their accommodation, wage, daily food allowances. Self-guided is always cheaper.

5. You will still meet people

You will meet people while walking, stopping for lunch, in the evenings, at your B&B. Many will be walking in the same direction as you, some in the opposite direction. However you will create bonds with those you want and in my opinion, that’s far more enjoyable than being a part of a large group of strangers you have not picked

6. You will still get local advice

Your B&B’s and food stops can offer local advice. Tourist centers too, in addition to pubs and inns. Local advice is never far away. And should you need a guide

7. You can choose your departure dates

You know that guided tour you have been looking at? Yep, it starts on your cousin’s wedding date. Bummer. Better book a self-guided tour so you can walk the week after.

8. You’re fully supported

Most self-guided walks also offer luggage transfer, meaning you’re supported. Moreover, transfers are taken care of, and so are your breakfasts. All that’s left is to walk and to get some dinner.

9. Your accommodations are often better

Because you’re not being booked into a large hotel, or having a group spread over 3 miles in different B&Bs you get better accommodation. It’s simply easier to arrange a self-guided book from our point of view than a guided.

10. It’s really convenient

You select dates, pay a deposit and it all happens for you. No research, no overseas payments, no confusion.

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