4 of the best hikes in Northern England


The North of England is known for its quaint towns and villages, with a distinct edge of #local and tightness with the community members. Expect great pubs and inns, delightful cafes and quirky shops in a lot of town, all of course topped off with a smile and a warm Northern greeting. This is what makes the North so wonderful to visit, if not just to escape the crowded South of England. Moreover, the North of England has some of the best long distance hikes in the UK. Here are a roundup of our favorites for you to enjoy;

Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is one of the most well-known long distance walking routes in the UK, but also one of the hardest (depending on how quickly you want to walk it). The route starts in Edale in the Peak District, and ends in Kirk Yetholm, taking in the Peak District National Park, South Pennines, Yorkshire Dales, the North Pennines, Northumberland and Scottish Borders. Much of 267 miles takes you along upland, woodland and into quaint villages. Walkers will navigate 287 gates, 249 timber Stiles, 183 stone stiles and 204 bridges. You’re also well aided by 458 waymarks. For those looking for a wild excursion along the backbone of England the Pennine way is not a bad place to start.

Northumberland Coast Path

The Northumberland Coast Path is, in my opinion, one of the finest walks in the UK. This quiet and fairly wild and remote part of England benefits from a low-foot-count but enough B&Bs and luggage transfer and walker interest to make it a pleasurable experience.  The real joy of this 62-mile route, which stretches from Warkworth to Berwick-upon-Tweed treats walkers to long sweeping beaches, incredible 14th Century ruins and the tranquility of the Holy Island, accessible only at low tide. For those who enjoy relaxed walking holidays, coastal routes and the tranquility of a quieter destination you really needn’t look any further.

The Inn Way, The Peak District

Thats not in the North, I hear your stereotypical yorkshireman say. Well for almost everyone else in the south the Peak District sure does count as the North of England. Ok Its just a step above the midlands, but the North has to start somewhere right?

Countrywide debate aside, the Inn Way is a wonderful experience. Imagine a walk which nearly manages to capture the magic, including many of the highlights of a National Park while also ticking off 51 pubs along the way! For those of you who simply love fine local ales (you have to try Thornbridge’s selection), the Inn Way is the perfect walking holiday. Now supported by BookMyTrail!

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