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Top hiking packs for female backpackers and long distance walkers


The participation of women in hiking is growing by the day. I can vouch for that from a professional point of view, where over 70% of my customers are female, and when a couple books the lead booker is usually female. European solo travel is mostly safe when traveling alone as a female and I’m proud to admit that the UK is exceptionally safe for female solo hikers. Outdoor brands are slowly catching up too, however many offer a reduced range for ladies which can be frustrating when you want to purchase a new release, only to find its available for male customers.
Rucksacks are no exception, with many being available as ‘unisex’ versions which really means they are made it for men.

Fortunately for there are some exceptional backpacks on the marketplace. Many of which are a women’s equivalent to the men’s version. But what exactly does it mean to have a women’s equivalent? Well, it’s pretty simple. Firstly the color will be different and more ‘feminine’. Although honestly, I feel that a lot of ladies who hike don’t want pinks and purples.
The other difference is about the fit. Many women’s packs have a shorter back length, better padding on the hips, shoulder straps closer together and slightly inturned hip belts. Basically, all things to help the pack fit the female form better.
So onto the packs. I’ve gone on the hunt for 5 of my favorite women’s hiking packs. Here they are!

Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Rucksack

Buy at Simply Hike
Weight: 2.05 kg
Dimensions: 23 x 59 x 40 cm
Volume: 60L

Whats the perfect pack size for most ladies? Honestly, I believe 60 – 70 liters is perfect. This capacity still allows you to carry your tent, sleeping bag, cooking setup, food, water clothes etc and with the kit being so lightweight there is no need to get much more than this (guys this applies to you too!). For long-distance hikes, this pack is perfect, especially in the summer months when you’re not carrying so much warm kit. This feature-rich pack features lightweight aluminum structure on the pack system, with Multi-Density – Lifespan EVA foam on the hip and shoulder pad. The back panel is constructed with Matrix Ventilation for breathability and airflow. The pack is fully adjustable and made from 210 denier fabric. That means its seriously tough.
Other cool features include – weatherproof hip pockets for secure phone or GPS storage. Full body U zip storage. Ideal for quick and easy access, especially if your walking hut to hut. And my favorite feature – top solar panel attachments. IDeal for the summer months when you want to charge your kit on the go. Vlogging about your walk? This is the perfect addition.
Overall the Gregory Deva pack is an ideal companion for your walking adventure.

Osprey Women’s Ariel AG 65 Rucksack

Buy at Simply Hike
Weight: 2.21 kg
Dimensions: 39 x 85 x 32 cm
Volume: 65L

Osprey is one of the better-known hiking pack brands and naturally have a good choice of pack specific for women. This pack, like the Gregory Deva, is designed for multi-day backpacking. It uses Ospreys AG AntiGravity back system, combined with the IsoForm Hipbelt. In normal words that means the back system is made up of a mesh, with a minimal amount of material against your skin, almost like a suspension back system. The IsoForm hipbelt simply bends and moves to the shape of your hips. As you would expect the pack is loaded with features from multiple access points, a standard sleeping compartment, and a removable lid. The pack also features trekking pole attachments as standard.
Overall the Osprey Ariel AG is an ideal pack for long distance hiking which carry the Osprey reputation for making good quality durable and functional packs. 

Fjallraven Women’s ABISKO 65W Rucksack

Buy at Fjallraven
Weight: 2.20 kg
Dimensions: 33 x 75 x 35 cm
Volume: 65L

Everyone’s favorite Swedish outdoor brand produces an excellent choice of rucksack. It’s also the most expensive, but probably the best made out of the lot. Naturally with Fjallraven functionality and durability have been placed above the weight of the product, however, despite this, the product still weighs the same as the other two. This minimalist pack looks like packs of old, but still featured both top and middle access points. However, it does not have bottom access, which for some may be a deal breaker. The pack features a stable yet simple carrying system with a back panel designed for air ventilation and a supportive hip belt designed to contour to a woman’s body shape.

For the no-nonsense yet maximum wow factor pack
Simple, light, trekking backpack with comfortable, adjustable carrying system adapted for women. Slim silhouette, spacious main compartment, and several pockets.Simplified, light backpack for trekkers, backcountry skiers, and travelers who like to move about without too much weight. Now with a new, more stable carrying system and new, even stronger polyamide fabric. The back panel has been updated for better air circulation and the hip belt has a new design that gives even better support. As in earlier models, the length of the back is adjustable and the shoulder straps and hip belt are designed for a woman’s body shape. The hip belt has double adjustment straps


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