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We specialise exclusively in providing adventure travel experiences along the UK's long distance trails. Our unique service caters for solo travellers, and pairs of walkers looking to explore the wonderful long distance hiking routes which the UK has to offer.

Safe solo travel in the UK

The United Kingdom has to be one of the safest places to travel solo in the world. In the British countryside you will discover friendly buzzing communities, fantastic well mapped landscapes and warm and welcoming hosts, offering comfortable beds at the end of each day.

We are a little different, and thats ok

You may have gathered that this is not your normal tour or travel agent website. We don't really identify with that and honestly have little interest in becoming travel agents or selling off the shelf tours. What we know is this. Our customers love the outdoors and so do we. Our service is designed for those who want to experince our beautiful country through solo travel, or part of a small group. We love making our itineraries, and sending customers on their way for a trip of a lifetime. We welcome you to become a part of our lives, and to allow us to make your perfect British getaway a reality and to join us on our journey.

Built around you

Our premium service is built around you, the dates you require and the rest days you may need. Enquire not to find out more.

"I will definitely be planning my next walking holidays through BookMyTrail, and I warmly recommend it to those who might be looking in to booking a walking holiday"
Pembrokeshire Coast Path
"Compared to other companies serving the path I walked, I calculated that BookMyTrail saved me several hundred dollars in single-walker fees (that are usually applied both to the accommodation and the luggage transfer), so this is particularly a great company if you walk solo"
Offas Dyke Path
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