Our story

BookMyTrail was started in 2015 by Matthew Usherwood who wanted to build a small business which pulled together his experience and expertize in the outdoor and travel industry. After working for a number of travel businesses Matthew noticed a gap in the market for solo travelers and small groups who were getting a poor deal booking with major travel companies. BookMyTrail was born and rolled out to the UK’s National Trails, offering a unique service, quite unlike anything else which allows customers to avoid heavy single supplement charges. Instead, BookMyTrail actively supports solo travelers and understands the unique needs of somebody traveling alone.

Our Values

We care deeply about our environment and know that without our environment there is at worst no mankind. With the number of challenges towards our environment growing on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever for business, big and small to limit or neutralize their damage and if possible actually positively impact the environment. 

BookMyTrail is run as a virtual business. We rarely print, utilize the latest online technologies using environmentally friendly servers and currently are applying for the 1% for the planet scheme. We also have a number of ideas on how we can become environmental advocates, including using our marketing budget to promote activism through our blog, use our voice to stand up to those who would do our planet harm and work with environmentally friendly companies.

A travel service, but not as you know it

On the surface you can be forgiven for thinking of us as a tour operator, perhaps a travel agent. And sure, we do many things which both of those industries do.

However, BookMyTrail is a bit of a different creature. We are not regulated by the “Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992”. Why? Because we don’t work in such a way that requires us to be. You see, traditional tour operators sell you a pre-packaged product, where the cost is provided upfront, inflated so they can take a margin from the remaining money once the costs for accommodation, guidebooks, bag transfers and operational costs have been accounted for.  

Now that works great, but it’s not for us. We feel that particular way of working tempts a tour operator to push suppliers into offering rates they cannot afford and makes them book rooms which are cheaper so margins are all the better. 

And the bit we really don’t like? because the entire travel industry has based their best rates on the assumption that two people have booked, solo bookers are penalised with expensive single supplement charges.

We decided to do something different. At the end of the day, we offer you a service. Our service uses our growing list of approved and trusted accommodations and books accommodations on your behalf, makes luggage transfer arrangements, offers impartial and unlimited advice and even helps with the payments (useful if your based abroad) to those suppliers. For our service, we decided that the best way charge was to charge upfront. That way we have already been paid to do the work required by you and the temptation to squeeze suppliers for better rates and to reduce the quality of your booking has been removed. 

Our existing customers love our service, so give us a try today.

Contact Us

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