Four adventures you can have in 24 hours

BookMyTrail works hard to carefully choose great accommodations for you to stay in. We work closely with B&Bs, Hotels, Hostels and in 2018 campsites. In this series of articles we will be proudly displaying the best accommodations on a number of different walking routes, all of which we may book you into for your walking adventure, if booked through BookMyTrail.

24 Hour adventures are great. You can squeeze them in on a Friday night, and finish on Saturday, giving you time to re-energize and be back in time for your favourite Saturday night television show and Sunday dinner at the in-laws. Or perhaps you may just stay out for the whole weekend…

So you may be thinking, here we go with another article on climbing, walking, biking and camping. But hold on and read away:

Microadventure No 1

Live Simple

Take with you nothing but the basics. Knife, fire-starter, sleeping bag (optional) and perhaps some basic amenities. Drive to your nearest woods which you can comfortably spend 24 hours in and get to work. You have a shelter to build, water to source and dinner to find. Perhaps this requires some specialist knowledge so you may want to bring a can of beans and a hammock, but keep it really simple for 24 hours. Often enjoyed with somebody else.

Microadventure No 2

24 Lost and found

Pack your stuff into a backpack, hop on a bus, see where it goes. Jump on the next bus, see where that goes, repeat until you don’t know the town names and then find somewhere to spend the night. Spend the next day working your way home by talking to people, hitch-hiking if necessary and experiencing your local area by foot.
You will find things around you which you never knew of and enjoy a weekend of nomadic living. Just don’t forget some spare change.

Microadventure No 3

24 Hours electric free living
You don’t even have to leave the house for this adventure. Go and find your circuit breaker. Flick the switch and keep turn your power off. Turn your mobile and other electronics off. To make things even more interesting, limit your water supply and have a ration. Now, entertain yourself and see what great ideas you come up with.

Microadventure No 4

Non-directional Bike Packing
If you are able to bike pack, load your bike up and go. Keep on cycling until you need to stop.. Enjoy the freedom of not knowing where you are going. Keep this simple and keep on moving. We never move for the sake of moving

So the theme here is getting lost. Whether you actually get lost, or just get lost in the experience with your family and by simply being. Getting lost is important. Its important because finding ourselves again gives us strength to do the same next time.

Enjoy the adventure

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